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Discover why Newcomb has earned the “Heart of the Park” branding and how we intend to own it. Newcomb, NY has a very diverse approach to appreciating the Adirondacks with all her wilderness and beauty. We are central to the High Peaks, lakes, and rivers including the source of the great Hudson River. We offer golfing with spectacular views, year-round lodging and camp rentals, campsites, hiking, biking, boat and even all-season bike rentals for all that sight seeking. Our public beach and day use area is a wonderful place for the whole family to kick back, picnic and relax. Take a wagon trip into the historical Great Camp Santanoni celebrating 125 years, ride the Essex Chain Lakes trails recently opened to horses and bicycles, or other trails for bikes and snowmobiles. Hike and camp the high peaks trails or some of the many day hikes all around us. Climb a mountain, and a fire tower for awesome views of the Adirondacks. Paddle, fish, swim, ski or use a guide service to heighten your Adirondack adventure. Visit the Adirondack Interpretive Center. They offer workshops, events and a glimpse of Adirondack Park history year round to entertain and teach adults and kids. The Lake Harris Lodge will be open soon in June 2019, and the Newcomb House bar and grill serves taproom food and a buffet once a week. There’s a quilter’s dream of a fabric shop with many brands of fabrics including wilderness motifs, some locally made quilts, home spun wool, and woolen products from local sheep. Browse the unique boutique of balsam and hand painted Adirondack gifts, or the hand crafted wooden products gift shop, and while you’re about town, enjoy visiting with our friendly folk who want to help you discover and experience Newcomb.

You’ll sense the home-grown enthusiasm in Newcomb. The community is engaged in all kinds of activity and everyone is on a committee. New ideas and events are being launched and improvement is on everyone’s agenda. The Adirondack Nature Conservancy and NYS Conservation organizations awarded a grant to the Newcomb Guide Service, LLC in order to promote use of the remote state areas recently opened to the public. This also enables some ADA opportunities for those who need additional attention so they too can enjoy the great Adirondack wilderness. Newcomb’s events are celebrated with a fresh approach each year, embracing history, the arts, and culture from the “Heart of the Park”. Residents love and respect this wilderness and are pleased to share her beauty, fresh air, outdoor activities, and all the benefits the Adirondacks have to offer. Visit us soon. You too will love the “Heart of the Park”. Remember to tread lightly and leave no trace ensuring its pristine condition for the next visitor. We welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit… Soak it all in and, by all means, visit often.

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