Summer Hikes and Canoe Trips for Discover Newcomb

A Taste of the Hiking and Biking Trails; Canoing and Kayaking Waters in Newcomb NY, the Heart of the Adirondacks

Great Camp Santanoni

Bike or Hike
Distance: Farm complex 2 mi. round trip
Great Camp 10 mi. round trip
Moose Pond 12 mi. round trip

The Santanoni Preserve is located to the north of State Route 28N in Newcomb, about 1/4 mi. west of the Town Hall. Signs lead to ample parking. Signs will lead to ample parking. In the summer the Gate Lodge is open and has a small history exhibit and gift shop. The Great Camp is a good hike on a well-maintained dirt road. In summer there is an interpretive intern at the camp most days who can give a very good historical and architectural tour. It is located on beautiful Newcomb Lake. Loons are a common sighting. The farm complex is a short 1 mile in and is currently undergoing restoration. A 0.7 mi. connector trail now joins with the AIC trail system. This trip is also a very popular bike ride.

Moose Pond is a favorite destination for hunters and fishermen. Horse drawn wagon rides are available offered by

Newcombe Farms: 518-639-5534 • 518-480-1743

Flowed Lands

Day Hike
Distance: 9 mi. round trip
Elevation Gain: 960 ft.

This makes a nice day hike with lunch at Flowed Lands. Starting at the Upper Works parking lot follow the Calamity Brook Trail to Flowed Lands. At Calamity Brook visit the Monument to David Henderson. At Flowed Lands Colden looms up to the North and if you follow the shore south to the area of the old dam there is a wonderful panorama of the MacIntyre Range and Colden. If you cross the outlet of Flowed Lands, follow the trail north to Livingston Pond about a quarter mile. There is a leanto here. If you go south on the trail over the outlet about half a mile down stream you will see Hanging Spear Falls, one of the highest in the Adirondacks.

Woodruff Pond

Quick Hike (20 min.)
Distance: approx. 1 mi. round trip
Elevation Gain: minimal

This is a delightful walk in the woods on a well-maintained trail that starts on the far left of the athletic field behind Newcomb Central School. The trail ends at a dock on Woodruff Pond. Loons nest on the Pond so you often see more than one during the summer.


Goodnow Mountain

Day Hike (2 hrs.)
Distance: 3.8 mi. round trip
Elevation Gain: 1050 ft.

Part of the Huntington Wildlife Forest, managed by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Goodnow Mt. is open to the public. A well-maintained trail leads to a restored fire tower at the summit, which has incredible 360º views. High Peaks, Rich Lake and Lake Harris to the north; and Goodnow Flow and Essex Chain Lakes to the south. The trailhead is on the south side of State Route 28N, about 1.6 mi. west of the Adirondack Interpretive Center. The trail is considered moderate in difficulty, but many families with small children make this a destination with no difficulties. As an added attraction there is no hunting allowed, making this a very attractive fall outing. Visitors are asked to stay on the trail.

Adirondack Interpretive Center

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
3.5 mi. of easy trails, partly wheelchair accessible. The trails are relatively level with numerous lookouts and offer something for everyone. Mountains, wetlands and water provide many opportunities for viewing wildlife. A 0.7 mi. connector trail joins the AIC trails to the Santanoni Preserve system. Ask for maps at the Interpretive Center.

Lake Colden and Avalanche Lake

Day Hike
Distance Upper Works Parking Lot to:
Flowed Lands 4.7 mi.
Lake Colden Dam 5.7 mi.
Adirondak Loj 12.0 mi.

The above trip can be extended as a through hike to Adirondak Loj with a second car on the other end. (This route is one of the premier X-Ski trips in the Adirondacks.)

Henderson Lake

Canoe and Kayak
Distance: .25 mi. from Upper Works Parking Lot at Tahawus.

This beautiful lake is now available for kayaking, canoing, and fishing. Also access to Preston Ponds and Duck Hole through short but strenuous carries.

Vanderwhacker Mt

Day Hike (5 hrs.)
Distance: 5.8 mi. round trip
Elevation Gain: 1700 ft.

This is a very steep trail, particularly the last half. It is strenuous and you should plan a whole day to climb it The view from the summit is dominated by Santanoni and the MacIntyre Range. The Town of Newcomb and most of Lake Harris are easy to pick out Many of the other High Peaks are visible.

Rich Lake to Lake Harris

Canoe or Kayak
Access is a parking lot off 28N 2 mi. west of the Town Hall on Rich Lake Lane. Bear left and go to parking lot called Rich Lake Access. This is a day use only area.

Surrounding area is Private The lake is a short distance from the parking lot. There are no motors allowed so it is a wonderful canoe or kayak trip. Caution: Do not take boats out of the lake except where indicated. This is a research facility. They don’t want people accidentally stumbling into their research plots.

There are two portages, over the old dam and near the Santanoni Bridge. There are rapids between Belden Pond and Lake Julia but doable in moderate water. Low water can cause a bit of difficulty. This is another place for two cars, one at each end.

Stony Pond

Day Hikes
Hewitt Pond Rd.: 4 mi.
Irishtown: 3.9 mi.
28N: 2.1 mi.

28N route is the shortest and easiest. It follows an old woods road and snowmobile trail which makes this also very ski able in winter. When you reach Stony Pond there is a lean-to on a slight elevation above pond level. It is in an open area with a nice breeze. There are many wildflowers and good fishing. It is a very pretty location.

Indian Pass

Day Hikes
Distance From Upper Works Parking Lot to Duck Hole Trail: 1.5 mi.
Henderson Lean-to: 2.7 mi.
Summit Rock: 4.4 mi.
Elevation Gain: 870 ft.

This trail leads to Summit Rock in Indian Pass, where it connects with the trail from Heart Lake. The view of Wallface’s massive cliff is one of the most impressive in the Adirondacks. This is a very nice spot for lunch before your return trip.

Mt Adams

Day Hike
Distance: 4.76 mi. round trip
Elevation Gain: 1800 ft.

Start from the parking lot 0.15 mi. beyond the Old MacIntyre Blast Furnace on the Upper Works Road. This part is a DEC Yellow trail. At 0.9 mi. you will reach the observers cabin on a newly marked Red trail. The new trail branches off to the left. The trail is steep at the top. The view from the tower is magnificent.


Campsite Trail

Short Hike
Distance: 1.5 mi. one way

This trail goes from the west end of the Lake Harris Campground to the parking lot at Santanoni Preserve. It is a pleasant walk in the woods through mixed forest dominated by hardwoods. There is a little elevation gain as it follows the shore of Lake Harris. One caution: crossing Roaring Brook about half way down the trail, may be impossible when water levels are high.

Blue Ledges on the Hudson 

Day Hike (3 hrs.)
Distance: 5 mi. round trip
Elevation gain: 230 ft.

This is a nice walk to the Blue Ledges of the Hudson River Gorge. There are many rapids in this area and a very nice picnic beach River rafter come by about noon and stop for lunch. Be careful of the current if you venture out into the river.

Access is off 28N 6.8 mi. on the Northwoods Club Road. Parking is near the east end of Huntley Pond.

Cheney Pond and Lester Flow 

Pond Distance: 0.4 mi.
Flow Distance: 2.5 mi.
Elevation Gain: minimal

There is an old road down to Cheney Pond not is good shape. There is a campsite near the pond that is frequented by fishermen. There is easy access for launching a canoe. Lester Flow follows an old road. 2.1 mi. over a fairly level trail, you will reach the site of the old Lester Dam no longer there. Crossing the Boreas at this point may be difficult to impossible. If you can find a place to cross, follow path upstream. In about 299 yds. you will enjoy a distant panorama of the High Peaks.

Henderson Lean-to Loop 

Distance: about 4.5 mi. loop
Elevation Gain: little elevation change 

This loop is a nice walk through some not often traveled areas. Take the Red DEC trail from the Upper Works Parking Lot at Tahawus At about 1.5 mi. cross Calamity Brook on a bridge and take the Blue trail north. At about 1.5 mil more you will meet Indian Pass Brook coming in on your right. Henderson Lean-to is on the west side of the brook. A nice place to take the kids for a first overnight or just for a picnic. Follow the trail south back to the parking lot.