The Great Camp Santanoni

Newcomb, NY

The Santanoni Preserve is a beloved 12,500 acre preserve in Newcomb. It is on this magnificent expanse of Adirondack land that the Santanoni Lodge sits, built in 1892 by businessman Robert C. Pruyn. During its hay day, Santanoni was visited by Theodore Roosevelt and James Fenimore Cooper. This Adirondack Great Camp, called by some ‘one of the grandest of all Great Camps’, is owned by New York State and is open to the public. During the summer the 4.7 mile trail to the camp can be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle. The trail makes a great 10-mile loop for cross country skiers in the winter. The trail does not allow motorized vehicles, but there are reservations available for purchasing seasonal tours of the preserve via horse and wagon.

For more information about visiting Camp Santanoni and/or the guided tours, call AARCH at (518) 834-9328, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm, or (518) 582-5472 (June-Labor Day).

For information regarding canoe, kayak, and mountain bike rentals, contact Cloudsplitter Outfitters, 28N, Newcomb, NY 12852, call (518) 582-2583, or email:

For more information about the horse-drawn wagon, contact: Larry & Pam Newcombe 518-639-5534 or 480-1743.

The Santanoni Preserve