At the Newcomb House

WD’s Diaster Relief

WD’s Disaster Relief Effort

As most of you know Donna, Warren, and Rebecca lost their business, home, and possession to an all-consuming fire on Friday the 20th of 2015. Donna, Warren, and Rebecca are OK and have a place to stay in Newcomb at this time, but lost everything to the fire including one of their trucks. As you can imagine they are quite overwhelmed as a result of the loss, so for the moment please contact Jolene Hlavaty prior to contacting them directly. Jolene’s number is 582-5542. When Jolene finds out what is needed the most she will pass that information on via Facebook.

Community members met on Sunday the 22nd to discuss how we could help them out, this is the plan.

The Newcomb House Bar and Grill will host a fundraiser on Sunday the 29th starting at 12 Noon.

They will prepare Turkey that will be cooked on Saturday in the smoker. Fire starters will begin around 6 AM and the birds hit the smoker around 10 AM. A little help with the birds at 10 could be used. They will also prepare ziti, beans, and salads. Others at the meeting committed a ham, lasagna, and various deserts. Other food dishes are requested so if you can help whether attending the event or not your support would be appreciated. If you want to help with set up and food prep 10 AM is the suggested show up time.

There is a $10.00 minimum donation at the door.

A live auction will be conducted and gift baskets, gift certificates, and or other items for the auction are welcome. If you have something you want to supply for the auction just drop it off at the Newcomb House prior to the start of the event.

Live music will be donated by “Fat Dog”

In addition to the event direct donations can be made by sending a check to:                           Kevin Bolan, 4 Santanoni Drive, Newcomb, NY 12852-1913 ATT: Disaster Relief, or you may leave a check or items at the Medical Center.

NCS students are coordinating a pennies from Heaven Drive and will be contacting area retailers for gift certificates or direct donations.

Thank You for Helping