Membership Application


Newcomb Chamber of Commerce Application
Memberships include any business based in the town of Newcomb or seasonal business benefiting the the town, any organization (profit or non-profit) based in town, any tax payer (on the warrant) in Newcomb, anyone registered to vote in Newcomb, any renter of six months or more in the town is eligible to join the Newcomb Chamber of Commerce. Any business or organization that cannot meet the Newcomb residency requirement may join the Newcomb Chamber of Commerce if the nature of their business in not in direct competition with an existing business based in the Town of Newcomb. Meetings are every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Newcomb Fire Hall, November-June.
Payment and Voting Privileges
Make checks payable to: Newcomb Chamber of Commerce. Mail to: Newcomb Chamber of Commerce, Box 222, Newcomb NY 12852. When your dues are received your voting privileges commence. Business members have 2 votes, organizations/associations have 2 votes, and individual memberships have one.
Agenda and Minutes are distributed by email only. If you've included your email address with this form submission you are entitled to receive the minutes and agenda. Limited paper copies will be available at the meetings. Agenda and Minutes are also available on this site: